Product Introduction
Round normal tin can lid is formed by cutting, rinsing, rounding, glue injection and drying. And is composed of a cover hook groove and a plurality of expansion rings. The main function of the expansion ring is to increase the strength of the tin can lid so that it has sufficient elasticity to ensure the sealing of the can body. The cover hook groove is mainly a storage sealant.
Regardless of the three-piece can or the two-piece can, the can body and the can lid are joined by a double seaming, and the inner side of the edge of the can bottom cover is coated with a sealing glue of a material such as ammonia glue or solvent glue, so that after seaming, a good seal can be obtained.
Product Parameter (Specification)
1. Description502 Normal Lid
2. Diameter:126mm
3. Thickness & Temper:0.20mm, 0.22mm; T3 ~ T4
4. Material:MR Tinplate or Tin Free Steel (TFS)
5. Surface:Can be lacquered or printed according to customers' requests.
6. Lacquer:Golden, Aluminum, Enamel White
7. Usage:Fruit, Vegetable, Sea Food, Beverage, Powder, Nut, etc.
8. Package:1. Paper bag; 2. Carton Box; 3. Pallet;
9. Certificate:GB/T19001-2008 / ISO 9001:2008
10. Remarks:OEM service available
*Round Normal Tin Can Lid is in the process of improvement and perfection. Please see the actual samples.*
Product Qualification
* Production Equipment of Round Normal Tin Can Lid
* Product Test Report - Heavy Metal
Delivery, Shipping
1. Cartons Pack
2. Paper Layer Pack
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